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Kalimba Instrument with Tune Hammer

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Have you ever tried to play an instrument like guitar, piano, even the simple like a ukulele but give up quickly because it’s so difficult to play?
Or you all know the great benefits of playing an instrument and want to buy for your kids something easy to play at a reasonable price? also avoid them spending TOO much time indulging in ELECTRONIC products

Do you want a suggestion?

People are going crazy for this new instrument, just needs to use two thumbs play to make a wonderful sound. 

It’s Kalimba - Thumb Piano - Play an instrument never easy like this! Perfect GIFT! 

Perfect for the BEGINNERS: Easily played by holding the instrument in the hands and plucking the tines with the thumbs. Play an instrument never easy like that!

No more fingers PAIN- the keys are made of ore metal, toughness strengthened, with bending design to eliminate the pain of fingers.

Bring it to ANYWHERE you want and do your own show with really lightweight, portable and easy to carry design.

DEVELOP your child's interest in music to avoid them spending TOO much time indulging in ELECTRONIC products. 

Perfect GIFTs for your kids, friends or parent-children interaction.

High quality to make a wonderful sound: handmade with high-quality mahogany and ore steel bars, giving you a better sense of hearing, vision, and touch.

Easy to tune your kalimba by steps:

Step 1: Find the tuner, you can use a real tuner or download an app.
CH Plays: "gStrings", or App Store: "Instuner"

Step 2: Tune with a hammer: Making tines longer to lower their pitch, and making them shorter to make their pitch higher.

TIP: the kalimba is in tune when we sell it so we suggest you not tune it when you get it.

“it is said that the music played by this instrument is not only able to rid the patient of evil, but also play a role in praying for rain” -

Package includes:

• 17 keys kalimba / 10 keys Kalimba
• Instruction book
• Learning book
• Tune hammer
• Tune stickers
• Cleaning cloth
• Cloth bag